At be. Psychological Services I believe that the professional therapeutic relationship you form with your psychologist is pivotal in making personal change in one’s life. Your therapist should be someone that you are comfortable with to disclose your innermost feelings and personal thoughts.

In addition, psychologists need to work in collaboration with their clients in developing and implementing their therapeutic services. Therapists’ have knowledge in research literature, which forms the groundwork for developing treatment options for an individual, however clients have their own rich lived experiences. Your lived experiences may include previous symptoms or treatment involvement, therapist preferences and preferred treatment modalities (read below), and motivation/readiness for change all respectfully requiring your therapeutic consideration.

Along with the importance of a well-established therapeutic relationship, when looking for a therapist one must consider a therapist’s skill set, level of training and experience. I speak to most of these areas under the Professional Passage section of this website, however areas to highlight include the following research/evidence-based standards I prefer to use in my current practice: incorporation of mindfulness approaches (including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Cognitive-Behavioural strategies (e.g. looking at one’s beliefs, values and being-in-the-world), Attachment-Based principles (e.g. how do we form and foster our relationships with others), and Family-Systems and restorative family-of-origin exploration.

When working specifically on recent or past trauma, I will occasionally combine my modalities listed above with my knowledge and certification in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART). ART is a form of psychotherapy that utilizes back and forth eye movements that are programmed to help rewire the ways in which we perceive and address particular problem areas such as: anxiety, depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It is also an effective therapeutic strategy that can be used with both adults and children with few modifications required. Further inquiries regarding any approaches mentioned and/or additional approaches in general are always encouraged and welcomed.

I offer my therapeutic services either in-person from the comforts of my office in Aspen Woods, or through tele-therapy methods (via video sessions or by telephone).