At be. Psychological Services I believe that the professional therapeutic relationship you form with your psychologist is pivotal in making personal change in one’s life. Your therapist should be someone that you are comfortable with to disclose your most personal thoughts and innermost feelings.

Along with the importance of a well-established therapeutic relationship, when looking for a therapist one must consider a therapist’s skill set, level of training and experience.

I use evidence based (i.e. the conscientious and explicit use of the best available research evidence to inform each stage of clinical decision-making and service delivery), and trauma informed approaches in my therapeutic methodologies. To make such a sound statement, psychologists need to apply their knowledge of the best available research in the context of specific client characteristics, cultural backgrounds, and treatment preferences.

In addition, psychologists need to work in collaboration with their clients in developing and implementing their therapeutic services. Therapists’ have knowledge of the research literature, which forms the basis for developing treatment options that may be indicated for a client with particular characteristics, however clients have their valued lived experiences which including previous symptoms or treatment experiences, preferences and motivation that respectfully require therapeutic consideration.

Some of my most common approaches to therapeutic change include knowledge and treatment practices in the area of neuropsychology, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioural strategies and most specifically attachment based principles. Further inquiries regarding my approach to personal change are encouraged and always welcome.