Answers to some frequently
asked questions.

If there is anything else you would like to know, please do not hesitate to connect. Telephone consultations are always welcomed and encouraged.

Please note: 24 hour turn-around response time is required for all phone or email inquiries. Caution should also be taken regarding all email communications due to their sensitive nature and transmission confidentiality.

be. Psychological Services offers one hour therapy sessions for $220. Longer sessions may be requested and charged accordingly (e.g. an hour and a half session would be $330, two hour sessions are $440). This fee for service is applicable to either in-person sessions or tele-psychological service (i.e. video or telephone sessions).

ART (Accelerated Resolution Therapy) sessions are solely completed in-person, and a minimum of an hour and a half per session ($330) is necessary to ensure enough time in given for the full process involved.

Finally, at be. Psychological Services I believe the personal commitment to work through one’s health and functioning of relationships could be viewed as a financial investment for your overall mental health and well-being. I also recognize and appreciate that not all individuals or families can afford the cost of private therapy. I therefore provide spots for those that require sliding fee accommodations. Please do not hesitate to inquire.

The duration of psychotherapy will depend on personal motivation, mental health status, the therapeutic goals of the individual and/or family, and the complexity of the difficulty.
I accept cash, e-transfers, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. The only payment NOT accepted is debit. Payment is due at the end of each therapeutic session in full amount. E-transfers must be sent and accepted within a 24 hour period from date/time of therapeutic services.
Most extended health insurance/benefit plans (i.e. Blue Cross, Great West Life, Greenshield, Manulife) provide a range of coverage for psychological services. I highly recommend clients contact their benefits provider to inquire about specific coverage(s) for psychological services. At this time be. Psychological Services does NOT provide direct billing. Rather, you will be provided with a Receipt of Service for your personal health insurance submissions. Additionally, psychological services are a tax-deductible medical expense.
The therapeutic relationship is unique in that for many individuals, it is their first close and confidential connection they have had with another person where deep feelings, beliefs and thoughts are shared. Counselling should provide the client (regardless of age, cultural background, religious following, etc.) with an open and safe setting that emphasizes self-exploration and change without the need to censor what is being shared (see limits of confidentiality). By staying client focused (rather than therapist driven) the vital characteristics of an affirmative helping relationship is honoured with empathy, genuineness and respect. I offer an initial 15 minute phone consultation at no cost to help determine if be. Psychological Services is the right “fit” for your needs. If at the end of our conversation a “client-therapist” fit was not determined, I would offer mental health recommendations and alternatives for one to get the support they need and whole-heartedly deserve.
More times than not we speak and relate to one another on a surface level (i.e. content focused)…not necessarily intentional of course…but we instinctually do so to protect our most vulnerable parts of ourselves (e.g. our most difficult feelings). However, when this shield of emotional protection occurs we miss the opportunity to connect with our loved ones on a deeper, more ‘authentic’ level (i.e. process focused). Through therapeutic conversation, I strive to support children, adolescences and adults in their efforts to safely delve into their process of be-ing.