Dyadic Therapy

Dyadic therapeutic work can stem from Whole Family System work. In fact, this is not unusual in family dances. The expression “it takes two to tango” comes to mind. I rely heavily on the evidence-based research and the theoretical understandings of Attachment Theory in my work, and most significantly when working dyadically. I like to explore with my older client(s) their family of origin experiences (i.e. how were you parented as a child? As an adolescent?)

A common question I often get asked by my client’s that are parents is “how can I connect better with my child/youth…all we appear to be doing is have conflicts?” Our intentions as parents regarding how we go about supporting our child/youth can be great in notion…but our good intentions often fail, leading to further dis-connect. I aim to (re)connect positive and healthy parent-child interactions that feel genuine for both individuals involved.

I use the Circle of Security approach when working on parent-child relationships and parenting challenges. I find this method extremely effective in helping parents answer such questions as “how do I raise my child to feel secure, safe & confident in today’s world?” Great question! Wanting to feel competent in our parenting skills is a natural need we seek, but let’s be completely honest, parenting is extremely hard work.

“We may get stressed because we have unresolved issues
but too often we focus on fixing our kid and avoiding our own pain.”
- Gabor Maté