How Be. Came To Bebe.Psychological Services

I’m often asked why I chose the word “be” to represent my therapeutic stance and logo for psychological services. The answer is quite uncomplicated really….not unlike the word “be” itself.

In my 20 years working in mental health - whether with adults, adolescents or children…either individually or in the context of dyadic/family therapy - I frequently observe a disconnect in relationships; families unable to relate to one another, adults confused by why they feel a sense of dissatisfaction in their lives, and children and youth who feel alone with their worries and fears.

We appear to be currently stuck in a culture that has accepted, as I like to call it “surface living” as its norm. Surface living happens when a life becomes primarily focused upon an only ‘do’-ing mentality. A false sense of safeness and security is the product of surface living / ‘do’-ing mentality. This well-meaning ‘do’-ing can be an incredibly sneaky and sophisticated creature yet the ‘do’-ing lifestyle can also be used knowingly within our relationships with others. It can serve as a shield, a wall or barrier to protect our most vulnerable parts of ourselves – our emotional world. My objective is not to banish the doing part within us, as it does indeed serve us well in many regards, but instead I like to work with individuals on finding ways of ‘be’-ing in a doing world.

I help support others to feel safe enough to walk alongside me in whatever journey they’re taking without the fear of judgement. Sometimes the path may include looking at one's trauma(s) from the past or current circumstances. It takes courage to look at past hurts. By exploring and learning from such lived experiences, a more authentic lifestyle emerges. One begins to exhale, accept and embrace their unique ‘be’-ing in this world. To simply, be.