Family Therapy

Family therapy is where my professional roots dig deepest.

Family systems (e.g. blended, intact, transitioning, etc.) are unique in that they each have their very own choreographed dance, metaphorically speaking of course. Although each family system/unit are unique in their dance, families share some common themes to their routines. Themes such as parenting challenges, parent-child conflict, concerns about one’s child’s social/emotional development and/or mental health concerns to name a few.

At be. Psychological Services, families are offered the psychological support in how to transform their family dance. I do this by providing an initial phone consultation to assess the areas of concern(s) on behalf of the whole family system (e.g. all those living within a home together, blended family members, etc.). Again, just as every family unit has its own unique dance, so does the family therapy approach to the treatment plan.

Keeping with the mindset of family therapy I may, dependent on the therapeutic assessment, suggest individual child, pre-adolescent or adolescent therapy to compliment your journey to family psychological wellness. I may also suggest adult/parent work as well. Remember…it’s a family dance.

“Knowing that we can be loved exactly as we are gives us
all the best opportunity for growing into the healthiest of people.”
- Mr. Fred Rogers